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“You Can Step In Shit But You Can Still Run” – Resilience!! Monday June 4th @ 7PM

Join us at COME ON GET HAPPY. Dr. Jordan’s weekly discussion group where he will hold an open discussion on a variety of topics focused on creating a happy and abundant life through psychological principles and metaphysical understandings of the science of mind. This week the topic is RESILIENCE! The clever quote is from aContinue Reading

Happy Memorial Day! NO GROUP TONIGHT – See you next week!

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Creating a Happy Ego – Creating a Happy Life.

When the ego is over developed we see ‘self protecting’ behaviors. An ego says, “fear” and “safety.” The “I” says let’s be happy and free. These forces often have competing goals and many times the ego wins out when the individual has safety issues from the past, often seen as unforgiveness (i.e. saying something like,Continue Reading

Topic: Mom, Our Relationship…Next Group: MONDAY MAY 14th @ 7PM

Many times Mom is the key to not only our physical makeup but our psychological too. A mothers influence starts with half her genes, then nine months or hormonal influence and finally, imprinting and modeling during the most critical period of brain development during childhood.
We are often running from or running to this influence asContinue Reading

TONIGHT’S GROUP TOPIC: “Faith, a transformational tool” Monday May 7th @ 7pm

When faced with difficulties in life, Faith can pull us through. But what is Faith, and why is it so hard to access this tool in our darkest hour. Faith is believing in something when it feels or looks like there is little or no reason to.
This week, were going to discuss Faith and howContinue Reading