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Hello friends!!  This week, staff therapist at SunServe, Kris Drumm will be leading the group with a special two part series called “Energy On Demand.”
Part 1: We will discuss how to learn to change our mood with intention.  Concrete techniques using thoughts, vibration and senses will be shared.
Part 2 will be on August 6th theContinue Reading

MONDAY JULY 23RD @ 7PM – Topic: Creating Happiness: Knowing the difference between our “rights” and “wrongs.”

We all live by “rules”.
Rules WE create and make up. A thought can be creative or competitive. A competitive thought involves a value judgement placed on yourself and others that limits your ability to create your future. A creative thought is a decerning thought that opens you up to the limitless possibilities of the mind.
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Tonight’s Group – THE LAW OF ATTRACTION:

Tonights Group: The Cause of Success: Power, Faith and the Law of Attraction
How can I get what I want?
The law of attraction is about power. The more you focus your mind on something, the greater power you have to bring it to you. Awareness of what you beleive you deserve, and what you beleive youContinue Reading

The Law Of Attraction – July 16th 2012 Monday @ 7PM

Join me Monday JULY 16th for our weekly discussion group, COME ON GET HAPPY! Our group is called, “Come On Get Happy” because that is what you will learn to do through attending our group. Through the principles and teachings of Psychology, Metaphysics and my own personal background as a Psychotherapist, author, teacher and speakerContinue Reading

NEXT WEEK JULY 9 2012 “How To Love Yourself”

How to Love yourself: Defining yourself in an unconditionally loving way.
What does someone who loves themselves unconditionally deserve? The answer is, Everything! The perception of lack comes from the idea that you are not good enough and therefore, it manifests in your life with negative feelings & consequences. The wonderful thing about defining yourself isContinue Reading