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The Power Of Words – How To Communicate With Yourself & With Others MONDAY OCTOBER 1 @7pm


Words have meanings and are often times used to produce feelings and emotions in ourselves or others. Words can hurt and cause us to feel bad or the can be wonderful and cause us to feel happy and joy filled. This class we are going to discuss ‘words’ and understand how we can change theContinue Reading

Living A Life Full Of Happiness, With Relationship Awareness TONIGHT MONDAY SEPTEMBER 24th 2012 @ 7PM

The ability to achieve a happy and harmonious life is much easier than most realize. By learning some simple concepts you can attract what it is you feel you deserve. Through an awareness of your ‘relationship contracts’ you make with yourself and others, we achieve the happiness we desire.
“Come On Get Happy!”  Meets weekly onContinue Reading

Moving Through A Choice You Don’t Understand…Towards Happiness!! Sept 17th 2012 @ 7PM


Sometimes it seems we make choices that we do not understand. Sometimes certain choices seem impossible for us to make or even difficult for us to believe we have made in the past. It is through the understanding of our determined beliefs (faith) and our ability to create and choose our experiences, that we canContinue Reading

MONDAY SEPTEMBER 10th @ 7pm. Topic: Moving Through Deservability Issues and Creating A Happier You!

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