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NO CLASS TONIGHT!!! there will be no classes for two weeks – happy holidays everyone!

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MONDAY 12/17 @7pm Topic: Buddhism & The Artful Practice Of Mindfulness. Achieve Inner Piece & Harmony.

Buddhism & The Artful Practice Of Mindfulness.  Achieve Inner Piece & Harmony.
Through the teachings of Buddhism, therapist’s have developed a treatment for bringing oneself into the now. Into the moment. For in the present moment is were we find peace, tranquility & contentment, what Buddhism calls Nirvana, or Enlightenment. Through the practice of mindfulness andContinue Reading

MONDAY 12/10 @7pm Topic: POWER, How Does Power Influence Our Happiness?

PLEASE READ***Welcome to this week’s class, “Come On, Get Happy!” Led by Dr. Lewis Jordan at SunServe in Wilton Manors.  FYI each class is audio & video recorded – prior to the class a waiver will be passed out.  If you wish to attend the seminar please read and sign the waiver before the classContinue Reading

DEC 3rd @ 7pm TOPIC: Awareness: Your Key To Transforming You Life.

What if we could become more aware of what or whowe are attracting into our lives and why? 
Awareness is a powerful tool because when we have awareness, we have the CHOICE to take a chance, and to make the change we really want. Understanding the reasons we attract the people, money and situations into ourContinue Reading