4 WEEK SERIES:  “Living Your Truth”  (next 4 Monday’s at 7pm – Open To All)

4 WEEK SERIES: “Living Your Truth” (next 4 Monday’s at 7pm – Open To All)

These next 4 weeks (every Monday night at 7pm) we will be doing a class that is focused on “Living Your Truth.” This 4 week class will focus on purification of the mind and body. The class will show you how to live your truth and achieve mastery of a health and HAPPY life.  The class will be led by Dr. Lewis Jordan and Bonnie Lightwkrker. They will help you undo negative patterns that do not work in your life and will provide told that will enable you to move forward. The more you adapt these tools into your daily life the more positive results may appear in your life.Together we will learn about the subconscious patterns that hols us back from the happiness we deserve.  


The Information provided is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disorder or mental health illness or medical condition and is used as education material in a class setting. If you are seeking professional help or are in crisis please dial 911 help.
“Come On, Get Happy.” Is a Psycho-Educational Class led by Psychotherapist and Motivational Speaker, Dr. Lewis Jordan. “Through understanding awareness, responsibility and choice, we can move into a greater knowingness of what it is that truly makes us happy and how to achieve that happiness today and for the rest of our lives.”

Come On, Get Happy is sponsored by SunServe of South Florida. The weekly meeting is FREE and open to all. Donations collected are given directly to SunServe (www.SunServe.org) Please visit this site and alsowww.JordanTherapy.com for more information on Dr. Lewis Jordan’s additional services as well as private psychotherapy practice.

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