Monday March 30th Creating Life of Desire

Let’s get creative and create a new story for our lives.

Dr. Jordan will facilitate the guest speaker Bonnie who will be assisting you in creating a vision board and we will express our desires goals awareness and intentions for every day.

You may I ask what in the world is a vision board? It is a creative collage combination of pictures phrases words or items that represent hopes desires and goals.

This board will serve as a tool for you to continue to inspire you to lose mental clutter get clear and focused.

If we see changes in our lives we must have the desire to intention new experiences into our everyday life

Please if you have any old magazines that you can bring in with you please bring them and also if you have scissors or glue stick you can bring that as well and if you don’t have any. … They will be provided to you but if you do have an old magazine or two we would encourage that you bring in to help out the group so we have extra magazines

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