About Dr. Lewis James Jordan

www.JordanTherapy.com Dr. Lewis James Jordan, PhD, LMHC, NCC is a board certified national clinical counselor & licensed psychotherapist specializing in individual & couples therapy. Dr. Jordan’s Florida Therapy offices are located in South Florida from Palm Beach down to Key West.

In addition, Dr. Jordan is a Speaker, Author and leader in Metaphysical counseling and motivation. For over twenty years, Dr. Jordan has studied metaphysical thought, quantum physics and psychology. Dr. Jordan teaches, lectures and writes on topics of psychology, therapy, metaphysics and quantum theory and self-help. Dr. Jordan is a master at mixing the studies and sciences of Psychology and Metaphysics together in his practice as well as his books and speaking events.

Lewis James Jordan conducts instructional groups on how to achieve balance and happiness with a specific focus on psychological thought.

“The goal is to help individuals discover greater control and power over their thoughts and feelings so they can consciously create changes that leads towards a life filled with love and happiness.” – Dr. Jordan

Lewis is currently working on a set of products that will be available in 2013. The products will include the “Anger Management Cure”, the “Depression Cure” and other detailed instructional programs that Lewis has put together form his many years of study and practice in private psychotherapy and counseling. Lewis’s concepts in his treatment are techniques that are not being mastered in any individual therapy setting today. These techniques will be new to the market and reveal remarkable ways to not just manage certain psychological troubles but to CURE them. It is possible and Lewis has see this first hand with his patients and clients.

Please visit Dr. Lewis James Jordan’s Florida Therapy offices at www.JordanTherapy.com and on FaceBook at Dr. Lewis James Jordan.

“It is when we change what we BELIEVE about ourselves that the real transformations can happen in our lives. When you BELIEVE you deserve happiness that is when you choose – IT.”

Dr. Lewis James Jordan