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Monday April 6th Living in Abundance

Dr.Jordan will facilitate the guest speaker Bonnie and the group will discuss a topic we can all use some enlightenment on how to live in abundance.
Come experience how to live in freedom of things that no longer serve your purpose.
Live a life of gratitude in abundance by choosing to let go of attachments.
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Monday March 30th Creating Life of Desire

Let’s get creative and create a new story for our lives.
Dr. Jordan will facilitate the guest speaker Bonnie who will be assisting you in creating a vision board and we will express our desires goals awareness and intentions for every day.
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What is Love?  Discover the road to your happiness by learning what love is and how to be loved and how to love another.  Have you ever really been in love?
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4 WEEK SERIES:  “Living Your Truth”  (next 4 Monday’s at 7pm – Open To All)

4 WEEK SERIES: “Living Your Truth” (next 4 Monday’s at 7pm – Open To All)

These next 4 weeks (every Monday night at 7pm) we will be doing a class that is focused on “Living Your Truth.” This 4 week class will focus on purification of the mind and body. The class will show you how to live your truth and achieve mastery of a health and HAPPY life.  The classContinue Reading

Loving Yourself To A Happier You – December 29th 2014

Using the principals of positive psychology and the new thought movement propelled here in America by Emerson, We are going to explore how the relationship with the self on a daily basis, moment to moment basis impacts your happiness.
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